12 August 2019 Fareham Borough Council changes to glass recycling

Sep 11, 2019

Recycling glass in Fareham has got easier – with no need to separate colours in the Borough’s bottle banks


Glass jars and bottles of all colours can now be collected together in recycling banks throughout the Fareham Borough from Friday 9 August.

Changes in the recycling process now mean that glass can be separated at a later date, so there’s no need to initially divide the colours. Metal lids can also be left on bottles and jars, as the metal can now be recovered during the recycling process.

Recycling banks in Borough will be re-painted the same colour, to mark this change but this will take some time, so residents can now mix colours together in the old-style green and white banks.

Executive Member for Streetscene, Councillor Simon Martin, said: “This change will make it easier for residents to recycle glass and we’re hoping it will lead to higher recycling rates.

“Recycling glass is really efficient and an excellent way to reduce our carbon footprint. We are working hard at Fareham Borough Council to improve recycling levels wherever we can.”