Omnium Employee Benefits Support Southampton Brexit Bootcamp

Nov 15, 2019

Mark Hodson from Omnium Employee Benefits was delighted to have been invited to be a panel member on the subject of ‘People’ at the recent Hampshire Chamber of Commerce event in Southampton

Mark tells us ‘There were a lot of questions about the issues facing UK employers with EU employees. It is obvious from talking to employers that their employees are worried, not only about themselves, but also their families, who have taken root in the UK but no longer feel secure. This is having a negative effect on the workforce and I have already dealt with several instances where employees are making decisions based on rumour rather than fact.

‘I would reiterate what I said at the Brexit Bootcamp; employers should ensure they communicate regularly with their EU workers (and preferably all their employees) stating that they are valued and will be supported. I have been involved in one initiative called ‘Bring your Passport to Work Day’ where all EU employees were encouraged to bring their passports and other evidence and were given time to apply for settled status online at their place of work. This proved very popular and all employees were able to organise their settled status in one morning. Hence, I encourage all employers with EU workers to offer them support during the current uncertainty we are all facing’.

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