16 May 2019 Fareham Borough Council introduce the new Mayor of Fareham

Sep 10, 2019

The new Mayor of Fareham for 2019/20 has been appointed following the Mayor Making ceremony at Ferneham Hall. Councillor Mrs Pamela Bryant is now the Mayor of Fareham, and the Mayoress is her daughter, Councillor Mrs Louise Clubley

This year, the Mayor will be supporting three charities which are Fareport Talking News, The Rowans Hospice and 1350 Squadron Air Training Corps.

Mayor of Fareham, Councillor Mrs Pamela Bryant, said: “I am honoured and delighted to be serving the community as the Mayor of Fareham for a second time. Being Mayor gives me a great opportunity to promote some wonderful causes and raise money for my Mayoral charities.”

The new Mayor’s Cadet for 2019/20 is Cpl Emily McKnight, from 1350 Squadron, Air Training Corps.

Emily will take part in various duties to support the Mayor throughout the forthcoming year, including attending civic events, wreath bearing, church readings and assisting the Mayor’s Attendants.