2 October 2019 Winchester City Council new, improved pre-application planning service

Oct 10, 2019

The well-established pre-application process at Winchester City Council has been relaunched to smooth the planning process and provide bespoke advice to applicants


As before, the pre-application service enables applicants to engage with the planning team to talk through proposals and signpost applicants to important information.

The approach is designed to save applicants time and improve the quality of planning applications received speeding up decision making.

There will be a simple range of fees to allow applicants to choose the level of service that meets their needs which will vary dependent on how complex the proposals are

 Cllr Jackie Porter, Cabinet Member for the built environment and wellbeing, said:

The planning process can be incredibly complex and technical, and our aim is to provide people with the best possible advice, as early as possible, to save time and money.

“It is an ideal time for applicants to discuss with experienced officers how to make your application more environmentally friendly too.”

The service will go live in October and will be available on https://www.winchester.gov.uk/planning

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