Launching a successful business in the middle of a lockdown sounds like madness, right?

Well for 22Midnight, a local creative digital content company it was the perfect time. The name 22Midnight even references the rise of the moon and reset of the day, a fitting name for a historical time, globally.

What enabled the success of this new company was a huge surge in demand of quality digital content.

Annelies James-Ryan – Founder said: “businesses want creative that isn’t the typical low-effort, click-bait marketing approach that was present pre-covid. The world has changed, and the customer is focused on more meaningful, connection driven marketing communications. I am pleased to combine research, creative and personality to give businesses the edge.”

22Midnight has offered a service that seems too good to pass on and the growth of this local business has been surprising given the current social uncertainty. Even having only launched in January Annelies James-Ryan, has just welcomed her first employee, Marketing Assistant Roselle Peck.

Annelies said, “I was overjoyed to be able to recruit and give someone the opportunity of employment at such a strange time. Recruitment was not only a first for me, but a learning curve during a lockdown. The entire recruitment process was remote, through telephone, Zoom and social media. The first time we met, was on Roselle’s first day.”

For Roselle, a recent Event Management Graduate of Winchester University, achieving a first-class BA Hons, 22Midnight offered her a dream job opportunity. Roselle said, “I feel like I manifested this job. I said to my university friends I wanted a part time marketing role for a creative company that enabled me to upskill and grow professionally and personally. When this job popped up, it seemed perfect.”

She added, “I professionally stalked 22Midnight and Annelies and was super keen to get the role. I think it is funny how everything exists online, and you can find out so much about a business and brand without ever meeting them in person. It seems like this is the future of business.”

It is an exciting time for this small business as it begins its journey.

Alongside brand auditing, 22 Midnight can help with:

  • personal brand
  • brand awareness
  • digital design
  • content creation
  • campaign planning and management
  • Google My Business
  • business development strategy
  • brand ambassadorship
  • authority building
  • focus groups

The 22 Midnight content offer includes videography, podcasting, design, copywriting, product photography, email campaigns and blogs. Annelies can be contacted by email at or by ringing 07572352577.