Winchester Residents and Businesses Invited to Help Shape Future

Oct 29, 2019

Winchester City Council has begun work on the Local Plan 2036 and anyone wishing to be involved in helping to shape the future of the district should register their interest now at

Everyone who signs up will be kept informed about the progress of the Local Plan 2036, future public consultations and other opportunities to share their views.

A Local Plan 2036 consultation document will be launched early next year and this will include information about development that is needed across the district and identify the issues and challenges the district will face over the coming years, as well as recommendations for resolving them.

The council will ask residents and businesses for their views on the document and these views will ultimately shape the Local Plan. Residents and businesses will be asked to consider the issues and challenges identified, potential locations for development of all types and how best to ensure the protection and enhancement of the environment and quality of life across the district.

The Local Plan 2036 consultation document will be informed by a number of evidence studies due to be finalised this year, including an assessment of housing needs and population projections, together with a Strategic Housing Market Assessment, a report on retail, the town centre and leisure needs over the next 20 years, information on employment needs and an assessment on transport matters. These studies will provide a greater understanding of key issues before the Local Plan begins to evolve.

Cllr Jackie Porter, Cabinet Member for built environment at Winchester City Council, said: “Winchester must have a Local Plan that reflects national planning policy but that is relevant to our community. To achieve this, we need evidence and information about a number of issues including the environment, housing needs and the economy as building blocks for the Plan up to 2036.

“We want as many people as possible to be involved in shaping the Plan. Even if you have previously registered, please sign up for more news and updates about the Local Plan 2036, and encourage your friends and neighbours to do so too.” 


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Winchester City Council is the local government authority serving a population of 122,000 residents across 250 square miles of central Hampshire