25 September 2019 Are you on the electoral register?

Oct 9, 2019

Residents in Basingstoke and Deane have been answering the call to update the electoral register, with well over half already updating their details


More than 65% of households (over 50,000), have provided responses to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council’s Electoral Registration Officer as part of the annual electoral registration canvass. Over 60% of these responses have been online, over the phone or by text.

Those who are yet to fill in the Household Enquiry Form will soon be receiving a reminder through the post. Each year a form is sent to every household to ensure the electoral register is up to date, to identify any new electors and to remove those who have left the property. Residents must provide the information to the Electoral Registration Officer even if there are no changes to make. Even those people who registered for the recent borough elections will still need to confirm that their details are correct for this revised version of the register, which is published in December every year.

With all of the borough council seats up for election, parish elections and the Police and Crime Commissioner elections on Thursday 7 May 2020, this is an opportunity for residents to make sure they will be able to vote. Being on the register is also important because credit agencies check the names and addresses of people applying for credit and is also used to detect and prevent crime. Ensuring your name is on the register of electors is essential and people are asked to respond updating or confirming their details by following the simple instructions on the form. The quickest way of responding is online, via text message or over the phone and you don’t need to return the form if you use one of these methods.

The borough council’s Electoral Registration Officer Melbourne Barrett said: “Thank you to all the households who have completed their household enquiry forms so far. We’ve had a great response, but we do need to hear from those who haven’t yet returned their forms. “Residents just need to check the form and respond as promptly as possible. Doing this online, by text or phone at any time day or night is the quickest and easiest way.”

For more information call 01256 844844 or visit www.basingstoke.gov.uk/canvass  

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