5 July 2019 Fareham Borough Council working with others to ensure new housing does not harm the Solent

Sep 10, 2019

Concerns have been raised by the Government’s adviser on nature conservation, Natural England, that increased levels of housing across South Hampshire could be harmful to the marine environment


This is because new housing could lead to an increased level of nitrates entering the Solent as a result of increased amounts of wastewater. In addition, exhaust emissions from increased traffic passing close to The Solent or watercourses leading to it, may also result in increased levels of nitrates.

The Leader of Fareham Borough Council, Cllr Seán Woodward, said: ‘We recognise the gravity of this serious environmental issue and fully support protecting the Solent. This protection needs to be addressed in a way which also allows Fareham Borough Council to accommodate increased numbers of new houses within the Borough which we are required to permit by the Government.

Resolution of this important environmental matter requires collaborative working between many local authorities and other statutory bodies. I can confirm that Fareham Borough Council is working very closely with other local authorities within the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH), along with Natural England, Southern Water and the Environment Agency. 

Separately, Fareham Borough Council has commissioned work across the Borough, to assess whether the effects of emissions from increases in traffic will have any unacceptable effects upon the Solent and other watercourses.

Through the work commissioned by this Council and the collaborative work being undertaken with others, I anticipate that this Council will shortly be able to confirm the measures it will put in place to protect the environment of the Solent whilst meeting the Government’s requirements to accommodate new housing.