6 August 2019 Solutions for sustainable business at BIS expo 2019

Sep 11, 2019

Sustainability will be a key theme at the inaugural Business Innovation South expo on September 12th


Visitors to the expo, which is being held at Chilworth Manor near Southampton, will be able to find out more about how their businesses can adopt corporate sustainability solutions that will boost their bottom line.

The Southern Sustainability Partnership will be at the BIS expo and Director Lynda Daniels said sustainability is a common issue for businesses. “It’s the businesses that are not talking about that are the ones we need to reach. They don’t understand the importance of sustainability, where they sit on the supply chain, their customers and ther customers’ customers and what their opinions are on sustainability. “They need to know this. They need to be looking. It might not be met by legislation at the moment and they might not feel it is relevant to them. “I would say re-think because this is certainly coming down the pipeline and it’s coming towards you fast.” She said businesses needed to ensure they are protected for the future by looking at corporate sustainability and social value. And when it comes to recruiting staff, sustainability is becoming more of a deciding factor for star applicants. Lynda said: “The most motivated and talented people are looking to work for companies that care about corporate sustainability and social value.”

Dave Pollinger, Director at Logical Energy Consultants, said he sympathised with businesses who feel under pressure to do something about climate change but often they don’t know where to start. Coming along to BISexpo will give business leaders the opportunity to discuss their challenges with a range of experts. “”There are some really easy measures that people can install that can pay back in a really short period of time,” said Dave.

Head of Business Development at Aura Technology, Steve Stokes, said having a solid IT strategy can really help to underpin the organisation’s goals around sustainability. “Just using things like video conferencing, audio conferencing, Microsoft Team, Office 365 and other applications can really help to reduce the carbon footprint of a business,” he said.

BIS expo founder Lara Bull said she hoped by having a broad range of businesses represented at the event, time-poor business leaders would be able to find solutions to their challenges. “Time is such a precious commodity and we are all short of it. “My aim is to create a forum where companies can address all their key challenges in just one day,” she said.

For more information about exhibiting or attending BIS expo contact lara@businessinnovationssouth.com