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Digital South covers any business that uses digital technology in the Business South region. We are an active group always wanting to hear how we can benefit every business in the region

A knowledge based economy relies on information which will more often than not be the result of some type of digital interaction, be it a website, your smartphone, a podcast or a connected sensor sending data to the cloud.   Therefore, for Digital South, the aim is to make the South the best place to live work & play but from a Digital viewpoint.   

Digital South covers any business that uses digital technology in the Business South region. These digital business’ are diverse and cover every sector from hardware and embedded systems through to gaming, system integrators, data scientists and digital agencies.

Digital is pervasive and touches every aspect of our lives.  As adoption of technology grows and matures, the digital sector impacts more and more in other sectors such as Healthcare, Transport, Manufacturing, Finance, Energy, Marine, Construction, Retail and Defence.

The digital economy is growing and is integral to the regions future success and whilst there are many groups, organisations and initiatives already doing great work, our mission is work in collaboration with everyone in the region to support and promote the great work going on. We aim to be a 'go to' resource for those new or looking to improve their knowledge of the digital world or find out about the amazing happening in our area.


Resetting the agenda

Digital South has been around since 2016 but in 2018 reformed and regrouped with new faces and new ideas. Rather than being 'another digital group' we are currently exploring how we create the most value for the region and don't end up duplicating the work of the dozens of other amazing groups already helping the digital community and beyond. 

The first half of 2018 has allowed the Digital South group to review their purpose and reason for being which is outlined below

Why Digital South exists

To help businesses in the South grow by improving knowledge, insight and intelligence of technology.


What Digital South does

We work collaboratively to bring together businesses, organisations and talent to showcase best practice and experiences of the digital world to help you understand how to use all aspects of technology.


How we do it

We facilitate in-depth conversations by curating content, engagements and events based on our research & connections within the Business South network.


Digital South group members

The Digital South group is made up of a wide variety of busineses from across the South region. If you would like to join us, please contact Business South


Supporting the Business South network

Digital South will be working alongside the other action groups within Business South HR to help spread the word of digital to those industries which are still not seeing competitive advantage through the adoption of technology in its widest context. We appreciate that there is still work to be done raising awareness of the benefits digital and IT can bring and are working in collaboration with these groups to help promote our message!

Useful Links

  • Solent Growth Hub - one stop shop for public sector funding in the Solent region
  • EM3 Growth Hub - one stop shop for EM3 LEP based business’. 
  • Silicon South - A Dorset focus for digital activity in that county.  
  • Wired Sussex - Sussex region digital team - also run the Brighton Digital Catapult. 
  • Digital Catapult - brings innovators, academics and business together. 
  • Creative Network South - Arts, Digital, Media, Makers, Entertainment - a creative network of networks for the South of England 
  • Business Collective - The Business Collective is a network of organisations pooling and exchanging their resources with the aim of helping to build their local economic and social wellbeing 
  • Culture Hampshire - one stop shop to find creatives and cultural activities in Hampshire 
  • GalaSX - Solent Regions own CryptoCurrency & Blockchain technology

Next event

Digital South is proud to be part of the Business Innovation South which will be held at the Chilworh Manor Hotel on the 12th September 2019. The event will showcase established science, technology & engineering companies providing key services and products in the STEM and business innovation sectors across the South and and allow for potential customers/clients to meet and understand them.

Launched by local businesswoman Lara Bull, the event will aims to address some of the issues around harnessing technology & innovation for those working in the South

“Having researched what is currently available in terms of Science Technology Engineering Maths (STEM) and business innovation expos for established companies, there are large national events with a similarly large price tag to exhibit or the events are very sector specific. The aim is to provide an expo that a decision-maker can attend where three or four of their most pressing questions for their own businesses can be answered.”

The Digital South team will have a stand at the event and will be available to discuss any digital collaborations that can benefit the region. 

For more information, please visit the Business Innovation South website


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