Now is the time to engage and get involved.

Pre-Covid these offices were fully refitted to a high standard and the car park will always have been full. Post Covid there’s not a car to be seen as workers have necessarily transitioned to digital and WFH.

This change can no longer be considered temporary and as a consequence there are big questions to be answered about the office space actually needed in the years ahead.

Whilst the changes we are seeing may not prove to be on the same scale as the industrial revolution or the demise of the manufacturing sector in the 70s/80s nevertheless businesses and workers are going through significant transformational change as a consequence of the awful pandemic.

Now is not a time for business leaders to be bystanders on what’s happening in our region. Now is the time to engage and get involved.

Business South is a leading not for profit regional voice and provides a fantastic platform for business leaders to be better informed, get their voices heard and as a consequence make the right decisions for their businesses and stakeholders.

Join the conversation about change, our Place, our People and regional Prosperity by becoming a Business South Champion that provides access to a programme of activities, an influential network of leaders and a range business led action groups.

Are you a business leader or business bye stander?

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