With the theme of ‘Building a Brighter Future for the Central South’, over 30 business leaders from the construction sector in the region attended Business South’s latest Directors Dinner at the Solent Hotel.

The evening was opened by the Solent Hotel General Manager George French, who updated guests on the challenges faced by the hospitality sector – but advised that his team remained positive about the future, with the importance of providing the best customer experience.

Group CEO from Business South, Leigh-Sara Timberlake then set the scene for the evening, highlighting the ‘triple-whammy’ of challenges facing the construction sector at the present time: the need to reduce carbon emissions, increasing costs of materials (over 12% in 12 months) and energy, and other supply chain challenges.

Finally, David Hutt, Business Development Director from Business South Champion Gleeds presented an overview of modular housing and dispelled a number of myths associated with these including the pricing, sustainability and quality of these relatively new forms of construction.

The event was sponsored by Business South Champion Morgan Sindall Construction.

Directors Dinner at Solent Hotel