We always enjoy our Directors of the Future dinners in association with the University of Southampton Business School .

Held at the stunning Harbour Hotel in Southampton, the students and business leaders clearly enjoyed having the opportunity to make professional connections during the course of the evening.

Business South Group CEO, Leigh-Sara Timberlake, said: “These dinners are a highlight of our calendar and illustrate what Business South is all about. Working with the Business School at the University of Southampton, we are able to give these bright and engaging Directors of the Future the opportunity to meet and converse with the men and women who are leading businesses across the #CentralSouthUK,” she said.

Speaking at the event, Gary Whittle, Commercial Director at Meachers Global said he attended the previous Directors of the Future event and was blown away by the students.

“I signed up for this one straight away – this is what Business South do so well. The students I met have completely changed my perception of their outlook,” he said.

Professor Laura Costanzo, Head of the Southampton Business School, said she welcomed business leaders getting more involved as mentors for their students and speakers at their events.

The evening got underway with a warm welcome from Ed Gould and Mike Warren MD of Harbour Hotels gave an insight into the current opportunities and risks for the hospitality sector.