With COP26 on the horizon businesses are being asked to sign up to a more sustainable approach that will save the planet from destruction.

The UK government has partnered with business owners and respected climate groups to help businesses to cut carbon emissions and boost prospects for their company in the long term.

Business South, an independent business engagement organisation connecting businesses in the Central South, has taken the commitment to achieve net zero by 2050 and Group CEO Leigh-Sara Timberlake said she was keen for Champion businesses to follow suit.

“The process is relatively easy to do but this shouldn’t just be a tick box activity, it is a real commitment and together we can all make a difference,” she said.

“At our forthcoming Annual Conference on November 4 we will be urging businesses to sign up,” she explained.

Business South is supporting the Central South’s four LEPs (Enterprise M3, Coast to Capital, Solent and Dorset) to promote the government’s national initiative. They will have a major presence at the Business South Annual Conference on November 4 and sustainability experts will be on hand to offer advice.

A commitment by businesses could make a real difference, says the government, affecting how customers think of them, how the community where they are based responds to them and bringing down energy bills. But ultimately it will be the planet that benefits most.

The government has created the UK Business Climate Hub, a campaign that asks UK small businesses of up to 250 employees to join the fight against climate change by committing to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

Top reasons to cut carbon emissions include:

Grow your business

It can be hard to think as far as 2050 when we’re all building back from coronavirus. But cutting emissions can mean saving money and creating a competitive advantage today. You will also be able to display a logo to show your commitment, attracting the growing number of customers for whom climate change really matters.

Future-proof your business

The UK is changing. For example, by 2030 you won’t be able to buy new petrol and diesel cars and vans in the UK, while zero-emission vehicles could support 40,000 jobs. Getting ahead of other countries like this will create new opportunities here in the UK. Is your business ready?

Be part of the solution

We all want to create a better planet, but it can be hard to know where to start. Through this commitment, join other businesses, get tips, make a plan, and be confident that you are really making a difference.

Become one of thousands of small business climate leaders across the UK this year and commit today at the UK Business Climate Hub.

Bigger businesses in the UK and from around the world can also play their part at Race to Zero.