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Our mission is “Keeping Britain Trading”. Our network of 21 ports handles around one quarter of the UK’s seaborne trade, and over £150 billion of UK trade annually.

We continuously invest in the infrastructure, equipment and skills we need to handle a vast array of cargo safely, efficiently and sustainably. Our expert teams work collaboratively to build long-term partnerships and deliver the right supply chain solutions for our customers, including value-added services and brand new facilities tailored to suit their business needs.

ABP also offers large areas of development land across a wide range of strategic port locations, capable of attracting investment and delivering transformational benefits for the economy both locally and nationally.

Our services are also complemented by our marine consultancy, ABPmer, and our dredging specialist, UK Dredging (‘UKD’).

As a vital part of the supply chains of businesses throughout the nation, our 21 ports support 119,000 jobs and contribute £7.5 billion to the economy every year, handling £150 billion of trade.

ABP is dedicated to supporting the communities which rely on our ports. We are dedicated to serving our customers. We are dedicated to fulfilling our mission: KEEP BRITAIN TRADING.