• Aquila House, Hazeley Enterprise Park, Hazeley Road, Twyford, SO21 1QA
  • Engineering

The Aquila Team has an impressive track record in successfully delivering projects across a range of domestic and international nuclear market sectors.

Our seasoned engineers have been involved in projects from the design concept stage right through to manufacturing, testing, installation and commissioning. This experienced group of nuclear engineers work hand-in-hand with Aquila’s younger engineers coming into the industry.

Clients engage with Aquila at different stages in the delivery process. We like to get involved as early as possible so that we can share best industry practice from the start; saving time, money and delivering exactly to our clients’ requirements.

Our Approach

Our approach and, just as importantly, our culture, offers our clients unparalleled access to highly experienced engineers and project managers who have been there and done it.

We listen to our clients to understand the project drivers and gear our proposals around their goals.

But our reputation is not just based on what we have designed and delivered, but how we do it. We do this by being honest, open to suggestions, and work to the highest integrity, We also have strong relationships with our supply chain and sub-contractors because, together, we supply the highest quality product to our clients.