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Ordnance Survey is Great Britain’s National Mapping Service

Our trusted location data and expertise is helping to build a modern digital Britain and show the world how to see a better place; by creating sustainable, healthy, and connected societies.

Whether it’s managing climate change risk, helping more people to enjoy healthier lives, or connecting people to public services, our customers are using location intelligence to get a greater understanding of the future and shape the places we live in.

What we do:

With our valuable location data and expertise, built on over 230 years of experience, we’re maintaining the UK’s position as number two in the world for geospatial capability. We help the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) on its mission to deliver improved public services and grow the economy, and we are an active partner of the UK Geospatial Commission.

We are helping our customers to see a better place. Because location data has the power to create new and exciting opportunities, as we move towards a connected digital society. Our continually refined data presents an accurate digital view of locations, with which our customers can build or refine their own solutions.

OS has a wide range of customers across government, business, and consumer markets. If a government authority wants to map its road network, a private enterprise is looking to relocate its assets, a start-up company is making its ‘Find us’ page on its website – all these examples, and countless more, see key stakeholders turn to OS for data and support.