Here at the College we have been able to move quickly to online learning, whilst still being able to provide support for vulnerable children, and the children of key workers.

This letter is to update you on four key points relating to our support for schools and Year 11 pupils, support for employers, College success, and your key contacts:

  1. Support for schools and year 11 pupils.

We recognise that the exam and assessment changes this summer will have caused uncertainty for schools, pupils, their families and future employers. We have communicated to headteachers and school contacts that we are wholly committed to ensuring that no course or apprenticeship applicant will be disadvantaged as a result of the exam and assessment changes, and that we will work with every individual to ensure transition to College is as smooth as possible.

For those yet to apply or yet to be interviewed, our staff will ask to see Year 10 and Year 11 reports, mock results and any GCSE or vocational courses already completed, to inform decisions about all course and apprenticeship offers. Our applications process remains fully operational and interviews will be conducted via phone, or Microsoft Teams. Contact details for any enquiry are available on our website and applications can be made via

In addition, we are also developing transition materials for schools to pass on to their Year 11 pupils so as to provide support for pupils who now face many months before beginning their post-16 studies. This support is being led by Lou Gittens (Vice Principal (Curriculum)) who is working with our Curriculum Managers to develop subject materials for the different levels delivered at our College.

  1. Support for employers during the Coronavirus pandemic.

We will continue our normal levels of service through online delivery during the current period. This commitment is for every employer who has an apprentice trained by the College. However due to not having access to College workshops or facilities, the key topics being delivered will have been adapted.

We will shortly be sharing our enhanced range of online CPD courses. We have not rushed to implement these as we are committed to delivering to our strengths, whilst also seeking to meet the needs of the majority of our employer partners. This development is being led by Darren Coventry (Vice Principal (Commercial and Customer Service)).

  1. College success continues – Eastleigh is now the Number 1 College in Hampshire for Student Achievement, and 10th nationally.

Yesterday the government released the national achievement rates tables for 2018/19. The College was delighted that the performance of our learners has seen the College climb the national tables for both Further Education and Sixth Form colleges. We are enjoying a very successful year. In addition to now being the number one college in Hampshire for student achievement, please see below a summary of our achievements to date during the 2019/20 academic year.

  • Ranked the Number 1 College in Hampshire for 16-18 Student Achievement for Further Education, and Sixth Form Colleges.
  • At 72.4% our Eastleigh College Training Agency (ECTA) day and block release overall apprenticeship achievement is significantly above the 2018/19 national average of 64.7%.
  • Ranked the Number 1 college in Hampshire, and third nationally, for basic skills maths and English all age, and all levels, student achievement.
  • Ranked fourth nationally for Education and Training for all age student achievement.
  • Ranked ninth nationally for Business, Administration and Law for all age student achievement.
  • Ranked tenth nationally for Health, Public Services and Care for all age student achievement.
  • Achieved the Association of Colleges, Beacon Standard and Commended Status for Employer Engagement.
  • Achieved the Association of Colleges, Beacon Standard and Commended Status for Support for Students.
  • Awarded the ACR and Heat Pump 2020 National Training Provider of the Year award.
  • Winner of the 2019/20 FE Week and AELP SEND Apprenticeship Champion award.
  • Currently shortlisted by the TES for the Outstanding GCSE resits provision award.
  1. Confirming your key contacts.

The details below are our key leads here at the College who are here to work with you.

Darren Coventry Vice Principal (Commercial and Customer Service)
Lou Gittens Vice Principal (Curriculum)