Our bid writing support service is available to any EM3 Growth Hub area based SME business thinking about applying for funding.

As a key part of the EM3 Growth Hub’s business support offer, this service is fully-funded and is aimed at supporting high-potential/high-growth innovative businesses looking to apply for Innovate UK funding.

Applications are welcome from micro businesses and small to medium sized businesses based within the EM3 area . Our guiding principle for support is that applicants can demonstrate that the subject/focus of the bid will lead to increased productivity or growth of a business.

What we offer

EM3’s bid writing support service for Innovate UK funding includes access to a highly-qualified bid writing specialist. So that we can utilise this resource effectively, we have categorised the level of support on offer in the following ways:

  • During this pilot we have 24 places for eligible businesses to be provided with guidance from the bid writing support service, a framework for completing the application and a comprehensive application check and edit service with up to 16 hours support available. This will help ensure that the application you have written meets a funder’s criteria and make suggestions about how you might strengthen it.
  • Expressions of interest will be processed on a first come, first served basis.
  • The bid writing support service pilot will close on 31st March 2022 and all support must be completed by this date.
  • In the event of oversubscription to this service, a waiting list will be maintained.
  • If this programme is re-launched in April 2022, those businesses on the waiting list will continue to be processed on a first come, first served basis.

EM3 Growth Hub reserves the right to operate outside of these terms.

What we ask in return

EM3 Growth Hub will publicise in its newsletters and over social media all successful bids that have received support and the values of those applications, unless a specific application is agreed in advance as being too commercially sensitive and/or not to be reported in the public domain. The publicity will outline how EM3 Growth Hub was involved in the support of the successful application/s and will also mention any partners involved.

Requirements to use the service

  • Check your business is within the EM3 Growth Hub area here.
  • You will need to provide a UK registered company number, with a registered address in the EM3 Growth Hub area.
  • Evidence of market need for the innovation – i.e. email of support from industry/relevant sector.
  • If there is a match-funding requirement, we will require a statement from the company owner or finance director stating this match funding has been sourced/is available.