We are getting in touch with respect to a project we are currently involved in,  Everywhere International SMEs (EIS2) – an EU Interreg project looking at how best we can all support SMEs across the Southeast to internationalise and access new markets post-Pandemic. Led by Hampshire County Council, and delivered in collaboration with Enterprise M3 LEP, EM3 Growth Hub, and WSX Enterprise, the EIS2 project follows on the development and implementation of the GlobalEIS Tool (GlobalEIS tool – a guide to exporting). The project is run in partnership with a number of economic development bodies, from form across six EU countries, including Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Central Denmark, Ireland and Poland.

Purpose of the project:

EIS2 aims to influence business support policy instruments and resources, such as EM3 LEP’s emerging Trade and Investment Strategy. We will investigate to what extent SMEs across Hampshire and Surrey have been impacted by Covid19, in order to better shape a tailored support offer for the business community across our region. To achieve our objectives and be as accountable as possible, we will adopt a qualitative approach, through a digital survey, and a set of sector-specific focus groups.

We will explore:

  • Supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic & their impact on internationalising SMEs – how have Business Support Organisations (BSO’s)& SMEs reacted?
  • The role of digital in driving new processes from the BSO (supply) & SME (demand) perspective – what are these & how are they embedded?
  • The resilience of internationalising SMEs – arising from the pandemic, what proof exists that diversification of risk through internationalisation results in better performance for SMEs versus nationalising value chains?

We would be grateful if you could spare just 10 minutes to complete this short stakeholder SURVEY. bit.ly/EIS-21

The survey results and all work arising from the EIS2 project will be shared with local stakeholders, providing up to date intelligence to help assess, inform and develop future resources and internationalisation support for SMEs across the area.

Further information on the project can be found here www.interregeurope.eu/eis

Thank you in advance for your collaboration