Fareham South Councillor, Keith Barton, has left the Conservative Group. He will serve as an independent councillor with immediate effect.

The political balance of the Council is now as follows:

Conservative                        22                   70.97%
Liberal Democrat                  4                    12.9%
The Independent Group       5                    16.13%

Following the move, Cllr Barton will join with other independent councillors to form a new political party, known as The Independent Group.

The other members of this group are Cllr Leslie Keeble (Fareham West), Cllr Shaun Cunningham (Portchester East ward), Cllr Jack Englefield (Titchfield Common ward) and Cllr Carolyn Heneghan (Stubbington ward). The group will be led by Cllr Leslie Keeble and Cllr Jack Englefield will be Deputy Leader.