Fareham Borough Council is pleased to present the first annual update of its Climate Change Action Plan.

In September 2019, the Council announced its commitment to become carbon neutral throughout all its buildings and services by 2030. In order to achieve this challenging target, we needed to know how much work was required and therefore undertook an extensive programme of work to calculate our baseline Carbon Footprint in October 2020.

Our Climate Change Action Plan was published in June 2021, focusing predominantly on reducing the Council’s operational carbon footprint. This plan tries to find ways we can lower the carbon emissions created when we provide services to our customers.

The first annual update explains the projects we have delivered to successfully reduce our carbon emissions by 9% over the last two years. It also outlines further carbon reduction plans for the coming years for Council buildings and services to help us on our journey to carbon neutrality by 2030.

The update also explains the initiatives we are undertaking to help our residents and business across the Borough to reduce their carbon emissions, and also to help the Borough respond to the changes brought about by Climate Change.

You can find the full Action Plan on the Council’s website: www.fareham.gov.uk/climatechange

Executive Member for Planning and Development Cllr Simon Martin said: “Reducing carbon emissions in Fareham is a high priority and I am pleased to see the results of the work so far and our plans for the future in this annual update of our Climate Change Action Plan. We recognise our leadership role in reducing carbon emissions across the Borough and we will support and encourage broader change with both businesses and residents wherever we can.”