Eastleigh College and Solent University have launched the second in a series of guides to training and succession planning opportunities for employers. The new guide covers opportunities in engineering, gas, plumbing and refrigeration and simplifies funding opportunities available.

This display of collaboration and cooperation by the college and university demonstrates the inherent partnership that exists between institutions traditionally seen as post-16 and post-18, irrespective of review, policy and funding.

“By working together like this employers can see how the courses available at Eastleigh College can feed into the offer at Solent University. With a track record of working with employers, Solent can help develop, progress and retrain new and existing employees – creating benefits for both staff and employers,” says Jonathan Ridley, Head of Engineering at Solent University, Southampton.

We expect our skills and succession plan guides to build on the initial employer information we published earlier in the year following a panel session and Q&A hosted by Business South that was attended by a range of employers from multiple sectors.

This new guide follows the first in the series: ‘Business, Finance and Human Resources Employer guide to training and succession planning opportunities’.

A number of other sector guides are due for launch in August and September including construction, digital industries, leisure industries, healthcare and early years.

More on the Employer Guides here.