Professional chefs from Goodwood visited HSDC to share their skills and expertise with catering students.

Students prepared and cooked a five-course lunch on Tuesday 11th February, alongside guest chefs Darron Bunn, Lisa Drury, Dan Turner and Richard Bingham and were joined by two of our former students Ethan Menage and Keegan Watts, who are now studying at the Goodwood Culinary Academy. The menu included Double baked Charlton cheese souffle, English rhubarb, green apple, pickled shallot & hazelnut salad.  Loin of Goodwood lamb, lamb shoulder pithivier, truffled savoy cabbage & toasted spelt followed by Caramelised pineapple tart tatin, coconut ice cream & mango.

Speaking about the visit to HSDC, Goodwood Talent Acquisition Manager David Macey said:

“One of our main focuses at Goodwood is inspiring the next generation of chefs, which is why we are thrilled to be working with HSDC.”

“We have around 50 chefs working at Goodwood, which I think people don’t often realise. We want to share more about what we are doing and the opportunities we can offer to progress people’s culinary careers.

“Many of our top chefs are cooking with HSDC students for lunch today and 28 students are going to visit Goodwood for a tour of the estate. There’s so much going on at Goodwood, including a number of restaurants, so it will be a great experience for the students.

“We will start at Goodwood House and then proceed to Goodwood Home Farm. All of the meat we cook with comes from our organic farm and is processed on-site. John Hearn, our Butchery Manager, demonstrated his skills on the first day of our visit to HSDC. Our produce is served in all our sustainable restaurants, so our food journey is minimal and completely traceable. Most of our customers will have travelled farther than their food!

“Over the last two days the students have been great, they all seem really focussed on learning new skills – it’s brilliant to see. We love coming in to discover more about the progress they have made and we hope to inspire them to continue.”