Two technology companies from Whiteley and Segensworth have announced a partnership aimed at helping clients prevent cyber security threats. Leading Managed Service Provider (MSP), Taylor Made Computer Solutions (TMCS), and Segensworth-based cyber security firm, Beyond Encryption, have paired up to introduce secure emailing software, Mailock®, to TMCS clients across the central southern region.

Beyond Encryption’s Mailock® protects the content of an email message, plus any attachments, using military grade encryption and ID verification. It enables businesses to send and receive confidential email communications securely, quickly and efficiently, safe in the knowledge that only the intended recipient can read its content. TMCS recognised the benefits this software would have to its clients. As the leading MSP across the central southern region providing IT services, security and support to the SME and SMB community. With over 350 SME clients across a variety of industry sectors including legal, education, and health services, it is critical that TMCS put information security at the centre of all IT services and solutions.

“Businesses across our region are seeing a massive increase in cyber threats and attacks” says Matthew Faulkner, Technical Director at Taylor Made Computer Solutions. He continues “Cybercrime has historically been targeted at large enterprises, but in 2019 we’ve seen this focus shift to small-medium sized businesses. The dark web has become a trading place for sensitive corporate and personal data; as a result, cybercriminals are taking advantage of companies with weaker IT security profiles in order to gain access to sensitive information. Beyond Encryption’s Mailock solution ensures businesses can communicate securely with their clients – even the most sensitive information can be transmitted electronically, and only the person for whom it is intended can access it.”

One of the fastest growing forms of data breach is mis-addressed emails. Businesses are running at such speed that simple human error can lead to an email being sent to the wrong person, in legal or medical establishments this means sensitive information is being shared unwittingly. With Mailock, delivery verification and a complete audit trail confirms messages have been delivered and opened by the intended person; audit trails improve the ability to manage and report on compliance, whilst the functionality to comprehensively revoke an email ensures that misaddressed emails are fully locked down.

Paul Holland, CEO at Beyond Encryption, says: “We’re pleased to be working with the team at Taylor Made Computer Solutions, to bring this product to businesses across the central southern region. TMCS are our partners of choice for the Mailock solution as one of the UK’s leading MSP’s, they fully understand just how critical data security is. The team work tirelessly with their clients to deliver a strategic approach to IT support and services.” Holland further explains “In partnership with TMCS and their clients, we will create a simple and uniform way to secure email communications across the legal and professional services sectors. Professional advisors will simply hook into the secure community that we’re building, and in doing so, they protect their clients data, confidentiality and identity where normal email simply doesn’t.”

In order to demonstrate the ease of use and integration, TMCS are offering a fully supported 14-day trial of Mailock to their clients and associated companies. The trial includes ‘quick start guides’ and functionality tips to fully guide businesses through the system features and capabilities.

For further information or to start your free trial visit or email