Seasonal workers are needed to help pick and process fruit and vegetables on farms and in packhouses. Industry leaders have issued an urgent plea for people to work on farms and help feed the nation amid a burgeoning labour shortage due to the coronavirus pandemic and travel restrictions.

At Hampshire Fare we have received a number of calls from people keen to work on farms picking crops. We’ve passed on details of local farms, however there is a quicker way. Visit Feeding the Nation where you can search the Member Directory to find an ALP labour provider in your area (ALP promotes responsible recruitment). If you are an organsiation with spare workers SWAP enables organisations to post about available workers.​​ There is also a new scheme with the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs encouraging people to apply for jobs on farms.

Seasonal farm jobs can provide an income for students, job seekers and anyone laid off work due to the impact of coronavirus.This is also essential work, as farm workers provide a vital role, supporting the food supply chains and keeping the nation fed.

Support local; stay safe; eat healthily.