Food banks are grassroots, community organisations aimed at supporting people who cannot afford the essentials in life. In this pandemic, their services are needed now more than ever.

HSDC has joined forces with the London & South East Education Group to support the FE Food Bank Friday initiative. The money raised through this campaign supports food banks and helps them to ensure that they can continue to look after our communities.

Leona Berry, Vice Principal, Organisational Development and People, explains: “As a college we pride ourselves on serving our local communities. During this desperate time we understand the pressures that our local food banks have been under due to the on-going coronavirus crisis. The Trussell Trust is supporting over 1,200 food banks nationwide including plenty in Hampshire. There is so much pressure on food banks to ensure that everyone has the supplies they need and we felt it was important to do what we can for our communities.

“The initiative was launched by London & South East Education Group with many colleges joining forces to raise money for this important cause. We know that many people are struggling through this pandemic and we want to ensure that we continue to serve our communities the best way we know how.”

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