As part of a 25 strong team at Portsmouth Hockey Club, staff members Kirsty Harley and Katie Spooner are taking on a challenge to raise money for NHS Together Charities. 

The challenge: running, cycling or walking 60 minutes each day for May, will cover the 3200 miles between Portsmouth, UK to Portsmouth, New Hampshire in the US. Staff member Kirsty Harley explains more: “It’s an excellent way for us to reconnect as a club and with teammates during the lockdown. In times like this, there is sometimes a need for an external challenge to get you motivated. People should be out doing their bit to help raise money but also to look after their own personal well-being.

“The challenge is going to be hard both physically and mentally; fatigue will set in, and we must keep going through this. We are all supporting each other, and those of us who are more mobile are making the maximum effort to assist those who are working or carrying injuries. However, it is key to remember that this is going to be a hard challenge: 3200 miles is a long way, and any bike distance is halved to keep it fair to running and walking!”

“It’s amazing what you can achieve in 60 mins!”

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