Fareham Borough Council is pleased to launch its innovative new Wider Business Support Voucher Scheme, which will offer businesses targeted financial and legal help to recover from the pandemic.

The voucher scheme is designed to help businesses with the costs of legal and/or financial advice related to the impact of the pandemic and the need to adapt to changing economic demands going forward.

Following a short application process and eligibility check, businesses would be able to claim up to £1000 towards costs for advice from a Professional Legal Expert or Professional Financial Expert. Businesses are asked to liaise with their chosen legal or financial expert to discuss the type of advice they need and the likely cost, before they make the application.

As well as helping Fareham-based businesses who receive the fully-funded advice, the scheme will also benefit local solicitors and accountants who can advertise their participation in it.

Executive Leader of Fareham Borough Council, Cllr Seán Woodward said:

“We know the last 18 months have been tough for local businesses and throughout the pandemic we’ve sought to do all we can to support them. In the early stages this included Covid-19 grants and help with introducing hygiene and social distancing measures. Feedback from businesses now says they’d like help to grow and diversify and move on from the pandemic. Our new voucher scheme to offer free support will help them do just that, and I would encourage any businesses to check out the website and see what’s on offer.”

For more information and to sign up, please visit our website at www.fareham.gov.uk/WBSSvoucher