2 November 2018

Holly Hill Cemetery to be extended

Holly Hill Cemetery is being extended to provide an additional 350 burial spaces for the Western Wards

The burial site is almost at capacity so plans for an extension were drawn up and subsequently approved at the February 2017 Executive. In order to facilitate this extension to the burial ground, approximately 40 trees will need to be cleared from the surrounding woodland area. Four of the most mature trees will remain on site and new trees will be planted at the new boundary to the cemetery.

Works will begin early in November 2018 to ensure the grounds are ready for the main work to go ahead in March 2019.

Executive Member for Streetscene at Fareham Borough Council, Cllr Martin said: “This extension to Holly Hill Cemetery is essential in meeting the demand for burial spaces within the Western Wards. It is important that residents have the option to bury their loved ones close by.” 

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