5 March 2019

Southampton City Councils Wellbeing@Work

Spring into Activity this March

Move in March

My Journey has a month of fun, free activities to help you keep active and Move in March. Replace four wheels with two feet and download their new Go Jauntly walking app to discover the benefits of walking. The app features an inspiring collection of local walks and challenges to suit all kinds of journeys. 
Or, maybe encourage your staff to reboot their commute and take part in My Journey’s workplace cycling challenge in partnership with Love to Ride Southampton! Ride to Work Week will be running from 25-31 March – simply log each ride to work on the Love to Ride account for the chance to win amazing daily prizes. 
As well as the two apps, there is also a whole range of free walking and cycling events plus a Move in March photo competition offering the chance to win a £50 shopping voucher.

shoulder stretch

Exercise and activity are good for mental as well physical health

Keep moving to keep moving...

stretches to do whilst sitting

6 things you can do to get yourself and your people moving

  • Organise an inter-team step challenge
  • Lead the way and make it ok to s-t-r-e-t-c-h in the kitchen, at the photocopier, on your way to the loo, sitting at a desk
  • Set a timer to remind people to get up and move around
  • Suggest a lunchtime run or walk
  • Put up a map with walking and running route
  • Nominate a walk or cycle to work day
  • Try ‘walking meetings’  - Tips - 1:1 work best / 30 mins is long enough / walk a known route (so you don’t have to think about where you’re going) / write up immediately afterwards
  • Set a ‘Walk to Paris’ challenge – staff/teams add up how far they walk over a fixed period

Southampton ABP Marathon 5 May

And if you want to challenge yourself - you're still in time to run in the ABP Marathon, Half Marathon,10k or Fun Run

Hippocrates said that exercise is the best medicine

The Active Nation blog offers informationon all aspects of health and fitness along with lots of tips. inspiration and encouragement  keep get active and stay active

Man holding his bad back

Do you have staff off work with muscle, bone or joint conditions?

Muscle, bone or joint conditions can make movement at work painful. They are also the biggest cause of work absence and physical disability in the UK. 
If you have an employee whose condition is having a serious impact on their job, Southampton City Council’s Employment Support Team can provide them with information, advice and guidance.

To refer someone get in touch with the Well@Work project manager on and we’ll set up a one to one meeting to explore how they can stay in work.

Mental Wellbeing


Happier Together - International Day of Happiness Wednesday March 20th 

Happier Together Social Media shares

Practical Actions: 6 things you could do at work to get people thinking and talking about what makes them happy

  1. Put bunches of daffodils around your workplace
  2. Make a Happy Wall - post this ‘What makes you happy?’ question on noticeboards/your intranet and ask people to write their responses on a yellow sticky note
  3. Ask your team members, ‘What can we do to be happier?’
  4. Encourage everyone to re-fresh by taking a 5 minute break outside to breathe and appreciate the day (even if it's raining...!)
  5. Make your meeting a Walking Meeting
  6. Encourage everyone to JUST DO one task they’ve been putting off, and notice the feeling of release and relief

NoticeBoard image

Health & Wellbeing Noticeboards

Setting up a Health & Wellbeing noticeboards brings many benefits. It gives a focus to the benefits of looking after physical and mental wellbeing and gives nationally approved information to help people make informed choices. It also stimulates conversations that -

  • make informed healthy action more likely
  • increase a sense of connection and belonging
  • build relationships
  • reduce feelings of loneliness (a major source of stress)

You'll find 'Print + Pin' resources under the Free Resources for Organisations on the Wellbeing@Work web pages.

This month: Feeling Healthier and Happier

Getting Active in a Nutshell - infographic from the Chief Medical Officer showing the benefits of physical activity and the recommended amount:

Exercising - a link to share - Look after your body with 10 Minute Workouts from NHS Live Well

Mindfulness - having feet and attention in the same place at the same time gives stops the mind worrying and planning and gives us some welcome peace. It will also help us notice and enjoy the unfolding spring. Daily actions Mindful March Calendar from Action for Happiness

Happiness - 10 Keys to happier living - the GREAT DREAM poster from Action for Happiness

Downloadable A4 question posters:

What makes you happy?

What could we do differently to mke us an even happier and more productive team?

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