Barker-Mill Estates

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Estate Office, Longdown, Marchwood, Southampton, SO40 4UH

The Barker-Mill Estates consist of land in Hampshire owned and managed by the Barker-Mill family and its Trustees

The Barker-Mills have deep and long-established roots in the county having been local landowners and prominent figures in community life for over 500 years. Their ancestors date back to the 14th century and played a vital part in the history of the area through their ongoing investment and involvement within the local community. Today, the family and its Trustees, continue to look after estates to the west of Southampton and in the New Forest.

The Barker-Mill Estates comprise several thousand acres of land in Hampshire, which are under the guardianship of the Barker-Mill family with the support of its Trustees.

To the immediate west of Southampton, the estates include land in the lower Test Valley and parts of Nursling and Rownhams. On the eastern edge of the New Forest, the estates cover a 3,000-acre block of land which includes parts of Hounsdown, Eling, Marchwood, Colbury, Ashurst and Longdown.

As well as prominent areas near Southampton and in the New Forest National Park, Barker-Mill Estates owns and manages 1,000 acres of land between Milford on Sea and New Milton.

Although mainly consisting of farmland, grazing paddocks, and commercial land units, the estates also feature a wide range of residential rental properties, the majority of which are located in Nursling and the villages of Ashurst and Colbury. Many of the properties are rented by local people.