Chilworth Construction Management

A Business South Champion

Enterprise House, Ocean Village, Southampton, SO14 3XB

The Chilworth Construction Management team provide a transparent and hassle free approach to the management and completion of major construction projects in the UK and Europe.

Chilworth is owned and operated by its Directors, who have extensive complimentary experience in the formulation and completion of major construction projects.

Chilworth was incorporated in 2009 to provide the construction industry with an alternative approach to the delivery of major construction projects tin the UK. We quickly recognised that traditional procurement routes for clients left them frustrated with the lack of transparency and regular time and cost overruns on their projects. Our partnering approach that is focused on safe, timely project delivery is a refreshing alternative providing Chilworth with continuing repeat business.

Our unique approach means we get our feet dirty, we work on the sites as our clients’ civils technical team and we help save costs and resources safely.

From pre-construction cost and planning support to the provision of full site based project delivery we apply our Project First philosophy to every job and complete projects, on time, on budget, safely, without stress, every time.