Southampton 2025

A Business South Champion

Civic Centre Lower Ground Floor East, Civic Centre, Southampton, SO14 7LY

Bidding to be City of Culture 2025 is a huge opportunity for Southampton. It’s a chance for us to celebrate the wealth of cultural activity happening in our city. We can showcase our diversity. And in doing so, we can also address the challenges the city is facing. 

We want to celebrate all that Southampton has to offer, and use this journey to achieve even greater ambitions.

Southampton is home to more than a quarter of a million people. We’re a city of education, with two excellent universities. We are proud of our Premier League team, Southampton Football Club. Our port is steeped in history, with cruise liners and commercial ships bringing millions of passengers, goods, and containers through every year. And, having recently celebrated Westquay’s 20th birthday, we’re the number one shopping destination in the region.

We’re pretty amazing already right? So why bid to be the City of Culture? 

Because there’s so much to gain! Hull was awarded the prestigious title in 2017 and saw huge social and economic benefits. They saw £300 million added to their tourism market, and almost £17 million added to their local economy. Companies saw an uplift in takings, with over half of businesses based in the centre reporting a positive impact. 

Southampton’s bid, if successful, will be forward-thinking and look to deliver a similar economic and social impact.

The bid follows significant investment in the cultural infrastructure of the city. In 2018, we opened the new Cultural Headquarter and purpose-built venue for visual arts, theatre and film where you’ll find City EyeJohn Hansard GallerySolent Showcase Gallery and much more. These venues join the long-established Mayflower Theatre, our City Art Gallery and many more well-loved Southampton locales involved in creating cultural activity in the city.