Following the government’s announcement about new lockdown restrictions coming into effect in England from 5th November 2020, Red Funnel appreciates customers may have questions about the impact to its ferry service. The company has prepared a set of questions and answers to help offer clarity at this time:

1 – Will there be any restrictions on who can or cannot travel via ferry?

Yes. The government has outlined valid reasons for travel from 5th November. Acceptable reasons for leaving home and travelling include but are not limited to: travelling for work (where not possible to work from home), travelling for childcare, education, for medical reasons, to care for a vulnerable person, to attend a funeral, to escape injury or harm, or to visit someone in your support bubble (in accordance with support bubble guidance/definition). For full up-to-date travel restriction guidance, visit the government’s website, here. The government has also issued clear guidance that the public should NOT travel for the sake of taking holidays or visiting second homes. We wish to remind our customers that abiding by the new travel restrictions remains an individual, civic responsibility. We trust customers to act with integrity and in accordance with the law.

2 – Can I travel via ferry to take exercise or enjoy a day trip? (Even if I stay outdoors?)

No. Our understanding is that travelling via ferry for this reason is NOT permitted as outdoor exercise can be sought more locally without having to travel on a ferry. Additionally, the government specifically advises that: “You should avoid travelling in or out of your local area, and you should look to reduce the number of journeys you make.”

3 – Can I travel via ferry to go shopping?

No. Further to response #2 above, our understanding is that travelling via ferry for this reason would NOT be permitted as shopping should be limited to shopping for “basic necessities”. As these goods can reasonably be obtained locally, without having to travel on a ferry, taking the ferry for the sake of a shopping trip is not OK.

4 – Will there be any immediate changes to the scheduled vehicle ferry timetable?

No. Our new pre-Christmas timetable comes into effect from Tuesday, 3rd November through until 20th December 2020. We currently expect to retain this timetable but should a need to make adjustments arise, we would give our customers as much notice as possible.

5 – Will there be any immediate changes to the scheduled Red Jet timetable?

No, not right now. However, it is possible that we may need to scale our timetable back to a ‘commuter’ service, similar to what we did during the first lockdown. This would mean offering a set of crossings in the morning, and another set in the evening. Decisions about crossings will be made once we have a greater understanding of the demand for travel once we enter lockdown. We anticipate evaluating the situation after the first full week of lockdown and will let our customers know about any necessary changes as soon as possible thereafter.

6 – Will Red Funnel continue operating its freight services?

Yes. Red Funnel is wholly committed to ensuring the steady flow of goods to/from the Island and keeping the Island connected and supplied.

7 – Will there be any immediate changes to passenger capacity on board Red Funnel’s vessels?

No. Our passenger capacity will remain unchanged. Maximum capacity on our vehicle ferries is currently capped at 350 passengers (39% of the normal capacity of 895) and our Red Jets are capped at 148 passengers (53% of the normal capacity of 279).

8 – What should customers do if they have an upcoming booking and need to cancel / delay travel due to the lockdown and travel restrictions?

Customers can amend their booking to a new date with no added administration or penalty fees, although a difference in base fare cost may apply. Customers are also able to place their booking ‘on hold’ and take until 31 March 2021 to decide when they wish to travel and make a booking for any time in 2021. Customers who do not wish to rebook or receive a credit can learn more about their options on our website, here.

9 – Is Red Funnel bringing back its ‘stay in vehicle’ sailings (where ALL passengers must stay on the vehicle decks)?

At this time, no. We will, however, continue to offer our ‘stay in vehicle’ exemption service for vulnerable passengers travelling for medical reasons, or passengers who need to quarantine. We have operated this service since May 2020 and have since facilitated over 1,000 requests. Based on excellent feedback from the vulnerable customers we assist with this service, we are confident that the service is working as intended and we will continue to evaluate the need to make any changes. For full details on how this service works including how to make a request, please visit our website, here.

10 – I am a Red Jet Season Ticket holder – what options do I have to pause my ticket if I’m not going to use it due to travel restrictions at this time?

In response to the current government guidance around travel, and in particular, working from home if you can, we fully recognise that you may not be using your Season Ticket at this time and we will enable you to put it on hold. If this applies to you and you need our assistance to ‘freeze’ your ticket, please send us an email at: We plan to send an email update to Season Ticket holders in the next 2 days, so please look out for an email from us shortly.

Fran Collins, CEO of Red Funnel, said: “We have continuously adapted our operations in line with the latest government guidance and have consistently taken the necessary actions to keep the Island connected and supplied, all while maintaining staff and passenger safety. To those who need to use our services in accordance with government restrictions during this impending lockdown, I want to assure you that it continues to be safe to travel with Red Funnel. We’ve gone to great lengths to implement enhanced safety measures across every area of our business and our team continues to make safety our very highest priority. Conversely, I implore those who do NOT meet the criteria to travel with us right now, to please do the right thing, and stay home, stay local and stay safe. Our flexible options for deferring existing bookings and making amends is there to ensure anyone with disrupted travel plans has the option to rebook with ease and even choose their new travel dates in weeks or months to come. We appreciate cancelling holidays or deferring visiting with friends and family can be difficult news to bear, but we’ve been through this before and we will get through this again. We all have to stay the course and stay resilient – and that’s exactly what we plan to do at Red Funnel.”