In an effort to give its customers as much information as possible, Red Funnel is sharing its outlook on ferry timetables for the foreseeable future.

Based on the planned easing of national restrictions expected to take effect on or after 17th May, including the anticipated reopening of hotels, indoor hospitality, leisure and attractions, the operator will closely monitor demand for evening Red Jet services, with a view to extend the current timetable later into the evening.

Regarding the vehicle ferry service, the operator’s timetable has been established to offer maximum availability at peak times, with only minor changes from previous (full) Summer schedules. Red Funnel is confident that the published timetable meets capacity requirements with good choice and availability for departure times and, as a result, is currently anticipating that its vehicle ferry timetable will run as planned until the Winter Timetable takes effect on 2 November.

Red Funnel remains committed to adding further sailings and increasing its service schedules as soon they can be delivered in a sustainable and viable way. The company endeavours to strike a balance between offering multiple options and ensuring availability to customers, while also ensuring it is operating efficiently to maintain resilience and mitigate the risks associated with the pandemic.

Fran Collins, CEO of Red Funnel, commented: “We appreciate our customers want as much information as possible to be able to plan their future travel, especially as the nation emerges carefully from lockdown, and we want to provide as much clarity as possible on our services and share our outlook as best we can. We’re delighted that we’ve been able to increase our timetable in line with demand, but we continue to monitor requirements very closely. We endeavour to run a timetable that meets the needs of the vast majority of our customers, but we regret that in some cases, our timetables may not meet the preference of some travellers. For this we’re very sorry and I encourage anyone in this situation to get in touch and share their experience and feedback with us.”

Red Funnel’s current vehicle ferry timetable reflects its ‘2-boat’ service, whilst Red Falcon is undergoing routine maintenance include the installation of a new engine crankshaft. The operator’s ‘3-boat’ service will resume on May 13th.

The Red Jet is currently running 12 daily crossings from each side of the Solent, Monday to Friday, with 11 crossings each way on weekends.

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