UPDATE: Revised timescales for Southampton Airport’s runway extension application

Application reference: F/19/86707

Thank you to everyone who has backed Southampton Airport’s runway extension plans, either by registering a comment with Eastleigh Borough Council on the planning file or by contacting members of the Eastleigh Local Area Committee. I am grateful for the support that we have received for our application, which you can read more about at supportsouthamptonairport.com.

In my last correspondence, I advised that a final decision on our runway proposals would be made by Eastleigh Local Area Committee on 17th December, and as a result many of you were generous enough to email local councillors to express your support. However, the situation has since changed, and it is now clear that our application is not in a position to be determined in December. A decision will now be forthcoming in the New Year.

Throughout this process, we have engaged closely with local neighbours, communities, and businesses. Having listened carefully to their feedback, and following a review of the changing economic position we are operating within, we need to take time to further refine our application. This is not unusual, given the complexity of the proposal. As a result, I can advise that we will be submitting additional information to Eastleigh Borough Council early in the New Year, and that a decision will likely be taken on our application in early 2021.

The runway extension remains absolutely critical to our viability as a regional airport, and we will continue to work hard to improve our application in the coming weeks.

We will keep you updated on the proposals on our website at supportsouthamptonairport.com and through our social media channels.

Once again, I want to thank you for the support you have offered thus far, which I can assure you has made a significant difference.

Kind regards

Steve Szalay
Operations Director, Southampton Airport