There was such a buzz at the Solent Business Centre yesterday when the doors were thrown open to the media, local councillors and business owners. It was a chance for them to see first hand the incredible business community that has developed in the centre on Millbrook Road.

More than 90 businesses call the iconic building home and Enterprise South centre manager Kevin Muldoon explained what made the place so special.

“This historic building, which is so familiar on the Southampton skyline, is home to more than 90 businesses ranging from light industry to hi-tech businesses, we are keen to throw the spotlight on what a hive of industry is happening under the roof of the former home of Toogoods Seeds – ‘Seedsman to the King’, which was built in the 1930s,” he said.

Darren Slade, Business Editor at the Daily Echo came along to meet some of the businesses and find out more about why the Solent Business Centre works for them.

Innovator Craig Monk is a major supporter of the Solent Business Centre. Since he first moved in with his business CRM CAD LTD, his requirement for space has tripled and he has been able to take on an apprentice to help him deal with the expanding workload. The foundation of his business remains with the CAD services he supplies to businesses and alongside that he has seen his 3D printing business grow.

“There is a real sense of community here. I’ve been in other business centres in the past and you literally pay your money and get somewhere to run your business. At the Solent Business Centre you feel part of a community – we are doing business with each other as well as the public,” he said.