A Southampton PR agency has sent a video message to the Prime Minister saying his cabinet colleagues are missing a trick in getting the COVID-19 messages over to the public when they conduct TV interviews from their homes – and he has the support of city MP Royston Smith.

Lee Peck Media has come up with an idea to make politicians – and indeed anyone working from home and conducting TV interviews, or joining video conference calls look more professional.

In a simple solution, adapted from sporting events where the participants are interviewed in front of the sponsor’s logo, the agency is producing portable backdrops which can be configured into any work at home office scenario whether kitchen, study, garage or even outdoors on the patio.

Founder Lee Peck, who enjoyed a 20-year career on national television presenting news and light entertainment programmes, is no stranger to the camera but thinks politicians could make much better use of their screen time.

He said: “I’m not pretending for a minute that this is rocket science. I’m just surprised no one in Government has done it yet.  I personally think a cluttered background distracts and detracts from the message that’s being given, especially as – in these difficult times – it’s often a serious one. How many times have we thought: ‘Here is a senior member of the Government – or from a business perspective, a top professional – and yet look how scruffy their home looks: that light shade looks dodgy and can I count four wine bottles on the shelf. It’s not the professional look that we would expect for the leaders of our country. Not only that but the Government is spending millions in advertising to get the logo and message in front of as many eyeballs as possible and this simple addition could quite easily supplement that spend.”

Royston Smith MP for Southampton Itchen is a supporter of the idea and from now on will be conducting his TV interviews with the boards behind him. He said: “I think it’s a great initiative. Too many viewers have become more interested in what’s behind the politician rather than listening to the message. This is a very simple but effective solution and something I think the Government – and to be fair all MPs – should seriously look at, especially as the virus outbreak is hitting a critical time and it’s vitally important to keep getting our message over.”

Lee Peck Media can design and produce the boards and have them delivered to homes anywhere in the UK within a three-day turnaround.

“The design can be totally flexible and does not have to contain logos. For a charity, for instance, it could be their latest appeal, or for a company a campaign message,” explained Lee.

The video message to the Prime Minister can be viewed on https://www.leepeckmedia.com/casestudies/video-prime-minister-covid-19/https://www.leepeckmedia.com/casestudies/video-prime-minister-covid-19/