A major new series of spotlight events will highlight the importance of Surrey as a place to do business and how it is gearing up for a post-pandemic world.

The online showcase events kick-off on Thursday 11th February and the focus will be on the Surrey based cluster of major names in the pharma/life science industry who are currently leading the fight against COVID-19.

Speakers will include

  • Ben Osborn, MD of Pfizer UK
  • Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
  • Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, Chair, House of Commons Health and Social Care Select Committee
  • Tim Oliver, Leader of Surrey County Council
  • Stewart Wingate, CEO at Gatwick Airport
  • Becky Coffin, Director of Communities and Sustainability at Heathrow Airport
  • Suzanne Rankin, CEO of Ashford & St Peters Hospital
  • Greg Melly, Special Advisor to the Vice Chancellor, University of Surrey
  • Stephen J Jones, International Trade Advisor, Department for International Trade

Leader of Surrey County Council, Tim Oliver, said the spotlight events will showcase the world leading organisations that call Surrey their home and what the council is doing to encourage a partnership approach encompassing business, local government, research facilities and health providers.

“We are here to listen to business and to help business. We want Surrey to be known as a county that is home to truly international and innovative businesses.

“If we look at the pharmaceuticals/life science sector, we are, of course, proud to have Pfizer’s HQ in Surrey.

“We see these events as a good opportunity to get the message out about Surrey being a great place to do business, to live, to work and enjoy,” he said.

The aim of the events is to bring together a business audience that is keen to support the pharma/life science sector through supply chain delivery, exploring potential partnership working and research.

“If this pandemic has highlighted anything, it is that local delivery is better. I am particularly interested in how local government, health services and business can work more closely together and in a more joined-up fashion,” he said.

The event, which is being brought to you by Surrey County Council in partnership with Business South, is free to any business based in Surrey. To book your place go to http://bit.ly/39A3PWr