For many the foundations of business have been disturbed and things may never be the same again. Plans from just a few weeks ago will have changed in a post COVID-19 world. For our People WFH is the new normal and virtual is the only way of working.

Our Place is bruised and damaged with remedial action required to promote that once again we’re ‘open for business’ and Prosperity has hit setbacks that will take time to recover.

It’s in moments like this that great cultures shine through and I’m grateful to our Champions who share our ambition to engage and collaborate.

Indeed I’ve been delighted that many have found ways to double down on commitments to our ambitions and this has been so encouraging and welcomed, and I do implore you to remain engaged. It is only with the support of our Champions that we can continue our work to promote our People, Place and Prosperity.

In fact never in the history of Business South has bringing together corporates, large SMEs, the public sector and institutions been more important.

Thank you all for your support.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe, Stay Engaged