Regenerate South

Our Regenerate South action group focuses on the opportunities, challenges and delivery of promoting the south as an attractive region for investment and the needed infrastructure

The group will support and promote the major development schemes and potential sites across our region, focusing on opportunities and challenges to promote the South an an attractive stunning region for investment.

It aims to:

Generate innovative and challenging proposals for regeneration to help change the dynamics of development, to gain public and private sector support for key economic developments

Join expertise from the private and public sectors to form a strategy and provide advice on how to deliver market ready sites in the Solent region

Regularly engage with key stakeholders in the private and public sectors to maintain an up-to-date 'knowledge base' of market ready sites and investment potential sites in the region

Promote sites and the Solent region at a national and international level

Facilitate the private sector in accessing public sector support and funding

Regularly engage with the Solent LEP's Land, Property and Infrastructure Board and Delivery Panel to ensure collaborative working




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