Enterprise South are working in partnership with Fareham Borough Council to deliver a programme of support for independent businesses within the Fareham Borough District. If your business falls into this area, you are able to participate in a number of complimentary virtual workshops. The workshops will be delivered by industry experts with the option of 1:1 follow up sessions with our experienced business advisers.

SaveTheHighStreet.org are also providing access to their Jo platform as part of the support programme. You’ll get a unique log in, with access to resources and ideas to help you reopen safely and recover quickly.

Are you struggling to keep your team engaged? then this workshop could help you. You will hear tips for helping overcome a stressful time after lockdown eases. General staffing advice and the well-being of both you and your team.

This workshop – `All about the People` will be presented by Laura Bowyer from Affable Partnership

Date: 11th May
Time: 6pm

Laura Bowyer – Affable Partnership

Laura is the driving force behind The Affable Partnership and created the original company back in August 2011.

She is an HR Consultant/Workplace Mediator, legal professional and is a member of the Employment Lawyers Association, with over 20 years’ experience in private and commercial firms specialising in employment law. Laura is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives and an Accredited Workplace Mediator (OCN Qualification).